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Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Complete one or more of the following challenges this summer, 
bring in evidence during the first week of school for our display (a photo of the activity, actual art, brochure, etc) and receive a PRIZE!

The official challenges:

1.    Art Outing:  Visit an art museum while on vacation or in NH
Local Galleries & Museums:
Documentation possibilities:  a photograph of you at the art museum, a postcard from the gift shop or a sketch you drew of a favorite artwork.

2.    “Me” Collage:  Use magazines, photos and your own drawings to create an  “About Me” collage.  If you need inspiration, go to google images and search for “collage artist”. 

3.    Read a graphic novel or comic book: Go to your library and check out a book with images or comics.  For older kids, two good suggestions are The Invention of Hugo Cabret orWonderstruck by Brian Selcznick. Write a short description of the book you read or create a bookmark for the book.

4.    Play with an online drawing game.  Print out your results.  Here are some ideas:

5.    Take an art class or summer workshop!  There are many places to take art workshops and art camps around the state!  The Currier Museum Art Center (Manchester) and Kimball Jenkins School of Art (Concord) both have summer camps and art opportunities, among many others across the city and state. Documentation:  Your finished artwork or a photo of you making your artwork.

6.    Recycled Art:  Find discarded objects around the house (old junk mail, pieces of wood scraps, random toys or old stickers you don’t want anymore) and create a new inspiring collage or sculpture.

7.    Environmental/Ephemeral Art: Use leaves, rocks and other natural objects to make a piece of art (even sand castles count).  Look up the art of Andy Goldsworthy or "ephemeral art" for ideas.  Documentation:  Take a photo of your finished artwork.

8.    Photomontage:  Take lots of photos.  With permission from your parents, cut out faces or parts of the pictures (or use a photo editing software like photoshop or Gimp) and combine them to create an interesting photomontage.  Look up the photomontages of David Hockney if you need ideas.  

9.    Collaborative Artwork:  Collaborate with a friend or family member and make a work of art together!  Documentation:  Photo of the two of you working or the finished artwork.

10.  Sidewalk Chalk Masterpiece:  Use sidewalk chalk in a creative way to make a masterpiece.  Take a photo of your finished work.

11.  Comic Art:  Draw a comic about something that happened to you this summer.  If you have a passion for comics, check out local artist Marek Bennett for workshops and inspiration!

12.  Fashion:  Decorate a t-shirt or sew a piece of clothing!  Ideas:  tie-dye, stencils, sew something on it, paint pens or fabric paint.  Documentation:  Bring in the item of clothing or a photo.

13.  Jewelry:  Make something to wear.  Ideas:  Local bead shop,  Bead-It, has classes and lots of jewelry resources.  Documentation:  Bring in the jewelry or a photo.

14.  Rock Painting:  Find the perfect (small) rock at the beach, in your backyard, etc.  Decorate it with paints and anything else you’d like.  Documentation:  Photograph it or bring in the actual rock.

15.  Musical Instrument:  Create a musical instrument using materials around your house.  Documentation:  photograph or bring in the instrument.

16.  Building:  Using Legos, blocks, rocks, or other building materials, spend an hour or so designing a unique construction.  Take a photograph of your masterpiece.

17.  Make a piƱata using paper mache.  Break it with some friends!  Take pictures.

18.  Create edible art: Play with your food and turn it into an artwork.  Or, decorate a cake, cookies or cupcakes.  Take a photo and then eat it!

19.  Create a sketchbook and fill it with sketches and/or mementos of your summer adventures!    

20.  YOUR CHOICE:  Come up with a creative activity to do by yourself or with your family!!!